Ripe for Change

    One of the four episodes from the California and the American Dream Series, this fascinating documentary explores the intersection of food and politics in California over the last 30 years. It illuminates the complex forces struggling for control of the future of California’s agriculture, and provides provocative commentary by a wide array of eloquent farmers, prominent chefs, and noted authors and scientists.

What are the trade-offs between the ability to produce large quantities of food versus the health of workers, consumers, and the planet? What are the hidden costs of “inexpensive” food? How do we create sustainable agricultural practices?

    Through the “window” of food and agriculture, Ripe for Change reveals two parallel yet contrasting views of our world. One holds that large-scale agriculture, genetic engineering, and technology promise a hunger-less future. The other calls for a more organic, sustainable, and locally focused style of farming that reclaims the aesthetic and nurturing qualities of food and considers the impact of agriculture on the environment, on communities, and on workers. Ripe for Change was produced by Jed Riffe and directed by filmmaker Emiko Omori.

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Release date: 2006
Director: Emiko Omori
Producer: Jed Riffe
Editor: Wendy Slick
Best of the Best
2008 Tucson Slow Food Film festival
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Golden Eagle
2007 CINE Washington, D.C.
Special Jury Award
2007 Mendocino Film Festival
Best Eco Film-Moviemaker Magazine Award
2007 Wine Country Film Festival
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