To Chris Marker: An Unsent Letter

    A collective cinematic love letter to the elusive French filmmaker Chris Marker in documentary form, Emiko Omori’s timely film captures the persona of a filmmaker who is at once both contradictorily present in and distant from his body of work. Notoriously private, self-described as the “best known author of unknown works,” Marker is widely known for a few key cinematic works such as LA JETEE (1963) and SANS SOLEIL (1983), but his wider filmography remains undiscovered.

“a brilliantly composed love paean to the late great French new wave photographer-filmmaker” – The Potrero View

    Through interviews with marker’s many colleagues and admirers, Omori lovingly describes a man whose preference for personal privacy has rendered him perhaps cinema’s most famous enigma: a man who is his works. Marker’s films have affected many, both those who know him personally and those who only know him through his films. Omori pays tribute to the legendary and ephemeral filmmaker, the “cat who walks by himself,” Chris Marker.

Chris Marker Movie Poster

Release date: 2013
Director: Emiko Omori
Producer: Emiko Omori
Executive Producer: Jed Riffe
Editor: Emiko Omori



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