Welcome to Jed Riffe Films + Electronic Media

    Jed Riffe Films + Electronic Media (JRF+EM) is a full service motion picture, documentary film and new media production company specializing in developing, producing and distributing prime-time international television specials and series, feature films and interactive media.

    JRF+EM is a collaboration of award-winning independent filmmaker & new media producer N. Jed Riffe and editor/filmmaker Maureen Gosling. JRF+EM has been producing award-winning interactive projects for museums, universities and other purposes since 1990.

    Most recently JRF+EM was contracted to produce the first interactive ethnic studies center in the U.S. The interactive learning experience includes 160 pages of interactive content featuring 105 videos, four opening animations, dramatic voice overs and interactive maps for the Africana Studies Center at Merritt College in Oakland. Please click on the “Interactive” tab to the right to learn more about our projects.


Jed Riffe Films + Electronic Media is accepting applications from college students and graduates for its documentary film and electronic media internship program.

Interns work on a part-time, minimum 2-4 days/week basis and receive a small daily stipend to cover travel to and from the studio and lunch. Interns will gain practical experience in research, production, editing, distribution and the daily activities of a small independent documentary film and interactive media company.

Each intern is encouraged to send a resume and cover letter/email to jr@jedriffefilms.com explaining what their long and short term goals are, and what they hope to get out of the internship.


We have experience and expertise in designing interactive projects that are transmedia and can launch your ideas to a whole new level. You may check some of our projects by visiting our interactive media links on the top of this page, and you can also get in touch to discuss an idea of your own and ways of having it implemented that are feasible and affordable.

Previously to the Africana Interactive, JRF+EM produced four specially-designed interactive kiosks (Public Broadcasting in Public Places) for the California and the American Dream series, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In 2007, JRF+EM and The Autry Museum of American History collaborated in designing four interactive exhibits funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. JRF+EM produced a prototype for The Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s TV of Tomorrow Digital Initiative in 2000. In 1990 JRF+EM produced 86 minutes of specially edited video clips for the interactive touch screen kiosks featured in the Oakland Museum of California’s History exhibit.